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Redman: Howdy Fuckos. I hope many of you do not have personal friends to remember tomorrow for Memorial Day. Unfortunately, I do, but I think I have come to grips with it. Hope all are well. Made it through this past week, my daughters last dance recital, graduation from High School and of course the visit from family. Ten days or so ago, washer bit the farm, so got a new washer/dryer at same time. Since, I broke my recliner and had a set of blinds fall from over a window. If it is not one thing, it is multiple. Good to see a number of folks posting on this website, keep up the good work. Alternator, hope all is well in MO? Bulldog same for you up there in WV. Hope Todd Nobis is doing better, prayers daily for you. Grandpa, well he is always going to have something to [censored] about.... which means that he really does have Sumtin to Say, but we just stopped listening already. All have a good week.
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